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About Me

Hi my name is Alex I'm from Montreal, Canada.

My passion for Level Design started when I was very young playing games like Little Big Planet  I spent countless hours making levels to play with my friends, every time a game offered a level editor I would always spend more time on it than playing the actual game.

When I first discovered Unreal Engine in 2020 it was like a dream come true, I knew this is what I wanted to do so I did. I started studying in Game/Level Design at College LaSalle and spent most of my free time learning Unreal Engine and watching courses online to really deepen my skills, the school also thought me how to work in teams and lead projects.

Before beginning my journey in Level Design I used to work as a photographer, I did not realize it at first but this job brought me so many useful knowledge regarding Level Design / Art. Understanding the concept of composition, guiding the eye with light, evoking emotions, etc. They are perks that really helps for designing immersive levels.

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