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Zero Hour Interactive is a small indie studio with developers coming from multiple regions who have previously worked on such titles as Squad, Beyond the Wire, Hell Let Loose and many others.

Burning Lands is a tactical multiplayer first-person shooter set in the Vietnam war era striking for the best possible balance between realism and accessibility, to bring an intense gaming experience and large-scale team play


  • Contract: June/23 - November/23

  • Team of 20 people

  • Unreal Engine 5

  • Level Design

  • Level Art

  • Optimizing Performance

  • Assets used : In-house Assets


I was primarily in charge of designing Objectives and Point of Interests (POI) where players will spend most of their time fighting over. Theses areas had to be perfectly balanced to avoid a faction dominance, this includes transportation time to the location, sight lines, cover, high ground, choke points and more.

In addition, I was also responsible of 
Set Dressing the areas I designed as well as providing help Optimizing the maps on various aspects such as collisions, LOD's, culling distances, etc.

(I will be able to showcase a more detailed breakdown of my work once the game is released)

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