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Squad: Vietnam Mod - Multiplayer Tactical Shooter

Level Designer - Level Artist



  • Team of 15 people

  • Unreal Engine 4 (Squad SDK)

  • Level Design

  • Level Art

  • Lighting & Atmosphere

  • Optimizing Performance

  • Assets used : Offworld Industries Assets, In-house Assets


I am currently working on Mekong, this is one of the two custom maps expected to release with this modpack.
This is a 3x2 km map based around the real life location of Vinh Long in Vietnam.

(Unfortunately as this is still a work in progress not a lot can be showcased)


Considering there are only 4 Level Designers for 2 large scale maps, I have to wear multiple hats. I am primarily in charge of designing Villages and FOB's, this includes layouts, cover, vantage points, choke points while always staying accurate to the real life location. I am also in charge of the road system which plays a big role in Squad maps since it is used for both transportation and logistics to bring ammunitions to the frontline.

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